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Privacy Note

1. Introduction

This Privacy Note helps you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

We assure you that we are going to handle your personal data in the most possible secure way. The data you are providing is solely used to get in contact with you and to allow other members of our website to get in touch with you. Your data is not shared with other companies. We do not sell your data.

Contact Us

Ivo Swillens  (Manager/Administrator/Data Security Officer)
Wilhelm-Busch-Str.13, 06118 Halle (Saale), Germany

Phone: +44 (0)208 144 5036

Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)
EU General Data protection Regulation (GDPR)

We are registered at the Data Protection Public Register with the Information Commissioner‘s Office.

Data Protection Public Registration Number: ZA277341

Our privacy note is for your information how we cover data privacy. We adjust our privacy note from time to time.

Last updated: 16/01/2021.

2. Our website ''''

Our website '''' is a dating website for the multicultural community of London in the United Kingdom for all ages > 18.

Read more about us: Our Site.

3. Personal data

If you want to find a partner through our website you need to become a member of our website. To become a member you need to fill out and submit the registration form. The following two tables show you which data we store during the registration process and which profile data is collected afterwards.

The registration data is used to sign in into the our website and to get in contact with you by email. Your profile user name, your gender and your age are search criteria and can be used by other members of our website to get in contact with you. All the other data you provide in your profile is searchable by other members of our website.

Our ''Contact'' page allows you to extend your contact details by providing us with your phone number and your post address.

Data Type Purpose Mandatory Visible
Login Name   Login Yes No
Login Pw. Login Yes No
User Name Property Yes Yes
Age Property Yes Yes
Gender Property Yes Yes
First Name Contact Yes No
Last Name Contact Yes No
Email Contact Yes No
Data Type Purpose Mandatory Visible
User Name Property Yes Yes
Images Images No Yes
Age Property Yes Yes
Gender Property Yes Yes
Height Property No Yes
Body Type Property No Yes
Eyes Property No Yes
Summary Summary No Yes
Country Property No Yes
Nationalities Property No Yes
Languages Property No Yes
Job & Note Property No Yes
Education & Note Property No Yes
Religion & Note Property No Yes
Smoking Property No Yes
Food/Drink Property No Yes
Hobbies/Interests Note No Yes
London/Good/Bad Note No Yes
Kids Property Yes Yes
Want Kids Property No Yes
Partner Age Property Yes Yes
Partner Gender Property Yes No

Besides the data you provide during registration and profile completion we use web cookies/session storage to operate our website. Web cookies/session storage are small pieces of data send from our website to your browser. This information is stored in your browser and is used to maintain the movement from page to page and to display you the profile search results.

Read our cookies page for more information how we use cookies: Cookies. This law is monitored in the UK by the Information Commissioner's Office (ico).

To garantee the security and the failure-free operation of our services we store the following data during your visit to our website: the date and the time of access, your ip address, the name and the address (url) of the requested page, the previous web page from which a link to our page was followed (referrer url), the data which was send by you and the technical response. We store the user ID of registered and currently logged-in users. We also store the browser version and the operating system of your device. We delete the received data after 14 days and keep only the number of visitors to our website, the browser version and the operating system used in anonymous form.

We remove all your personal data included in the meta data of your profile images uploaded by you (Exif data). Exif data gets added when you take photos with your camera or phone. This might contain sensible data like the time and the location of the place the photo was taken besides other camera specific information, like the lens and exposure used.

Our blog posts can be shared on social media with our data protected share buttons. The inclusion of share buttons provided on services like facebook, twitter and others normally transmits your IP address and other data to the social network sites as soon as you visit such web sites even if you do not click on the buttons. Our share buttons connect you with social media sites only when you click on our buttons.

As a user of our website you have always the right to find out which information we store about you.

To request your personal data or to complain about our usage of your personal data use our secure contact form: Contact Us.

Right of objection: You have the right to object the storage and processing of your personal data. To stop the storage and processing of your personal data we need to close your account. Send us an email or use our contact us form if you wish that we close your account. Read also our next section how to close your account Contact Us.

4. Hide/Delete your profile

If you want to hide your profile temporarily you can do so. Sign in into our website and select ''My Profile''. There you find the section ''Profile Status''. Select the status ''Hidden''.

If you wish to close your account you can do so at anytime. To close your account go the the ''Account'' page and select ''Cancel Membership''.

The closure of your account deletes irretrievably all your profile data. Messages sent to other members are deleted if the other members closed their accounts too. Messages received are deleted if the senders closed their accounts.

Open our Microsoft Store page.
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