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The pitfalls of online dating

The pitfalls of online dating

Online dating is an easy way to find love online. However be aware that there are some people out there who are pretending to be someone they are not. They are using photos and identities they found somewhere on the internet. Their aim is to steel your money.

First they present you a plausible story and build up trust. Then they get into 'trouble' and yes, you can get them out of trouble by sending money. Some of the stories they fabricate are so clever fabricated that you might conclude it must be the absolute truth.

These scammers are mostly abroad. On the way meeting you they have car accidents and end up in hospital. They send you pictures from the hospital and invoices they need to pay. They need to rebook their flights, so they need help.

Other say they are doing business abroad and ending up dealing with customs. They are saying they need to present certificates or needing to pay fines to get released.

One lady from Australia experienced the following. Her scammer said he was sent first to Afghanistan, then to Nigeria by the US army. He described that he can buy cheap gemstones there and that he wanted to open an jewellery store. First he needed money to pay the export tax. Then he needed money to pay customs in Malaysia, then he needed money to get an certificate. Then court fees. A never ending story of money demands.

Michael McAllister described in the New York Times how his picture was used by Scammers to attract lonely hearts. One of the betrayed ladies contacted him and told him that her Scammer used his photo. He himself contacted the Scammer, a guy in Brazil, who explained that he did it for money for his poor family.

Read the full story here:

You find tons of stories of such Romance Scammers on the internet.

Be careful !

Swillens, I. (20/03/2021 18:45). The pitfalls of online dating.
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