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The 50 Tinder dates - London, Berlin, Rome

The 50 Tinder dates - London, Berlin, Rome

Indrani Ashe met 37 men on 50 dates on Tinder between August 2014 and May 2015. She called her social experiment a pop culture form, an art work and a marketing project. At the end of her performance Indrani revealed her identity at the Artist's Identity Symposium at Birkbeck University in London 2015. Her project was covered by the Daily Mail, The Mirror, Grazia, Die Welt, Arte tv and others.

She met very different people mostly in London and Berlin but also in Rome. The dates started with "The Artist" and ended in Rome with an Italian cook from Napoli who lost his English when he learned German. Indrani challenged her first very good-looking date to accompany her to a feminist magazine launch in Hackney. He arrived 40 minutes late and missed the launch. Nonetheless they had a very good evening on the canal watching the sunset and the skyline. At the second date in Greenwich she was not so excited anymore and moved on to the next candidate "The Italian Underwear Designer".

Later she met "The Criminologist", "The Tall Irish Vegan" and "The Boy with the Thailand Tattoo". The man with the tattoo outclassed Indrani and talked like a book about crypto anarchists, cyber punks, ayahuasca and other fascinating things. His grandfather was a sailor from Shanghai. He had family roots in Italy, Spain, Scotland and China. They headed to the Disobedient Objects exhibition at the Victory and Albert museum and had a look at woven banners, protest robots and activist-bicycles. Indrani enjoyed her time with the tattoo man and placed him at the top 5 first dates ranking.

Date #8 stood her up, Date #9 left when she was on the toilet. Date #10 took place at the Waterstones book shop on Trafalgar square. The date with the Growth Capitalist ended up in his flat and later in crying and a wild exchange of messages where he threatened her and asked her to delete all references to him on her blog.

Half way through her dates she met with a former investment banker who was also a punk and was into recreational drugs. Almost at the same time she met also "The Young Irish Architect" who dressed like a 1950th cleric. She ran these two dates almost in parallel. She explained that to the punk: "Well you know, If 50% of the guys I date are dicks, I always have to date two guys at once," and bombed a text message at the end of the affair to him :"... from what I can tell you're just a selfish/ stingy/ individualist who doesn't deserve anybody's love/ affection/ sexual creativity because you'll never give anything back". The story ended no better for "The Young Irish Architect". She dumped him on Valentin's day.

Then Indrani moved to Berlin and her experiment continued. "The Veggie Metal Head" was boring, "The Eager Beaver" thought Tinder is a "vending machine", the next guy talked all the time about expats in Berlin. Date #37 was "a creeper with some politically inconsistent intellectual pretenses".

"The Half Brazilian Oncologist" tried to impress on his first date and run out of Energy. Even though a cutie and charming could not convince Indrani. "He had no significant interest" and ended up in the "discard pile".

The end of Indranis journey towards Date #50 has everything: sadness, depression and joy. "The transatlantic Italian" broke her heart. Initially she thought he is not a player and is different from the other guys but "there's nothing unique about the gender script that he's following". She had three dates with this Italian. On the third date at her house she opened up and said "I like you" and asked him "Do you like me ?". His answer was "I don't know".

Indrani finally revealed her identity at the Artist's Identity Symposium at Birkbeck University in London 2015. During her studies at Goldsmith University she created objects to connect with people. She also wanted to explore the dating world in London. During her dating research she met a man in London who was keen to create a special dating app. Indrani asked him if they can work together. He agreed and suggested that Indrani creates a video blog. For Indrani it was a social project, for the man it was a marketing project for his app loveflutter. She wanted to help to build "a better dating culture" and to "make people think and talk about real life as well as create something that's beautiful and authentic and emotional and connects to people".

Indrani Ashe holds a Master of Fine Arts from Goldsmith University, London. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

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