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Call for all London dating Bloggers !

Call for all London dating Bloggers !

We are in 2018. This is 5 years after Willard Foxton described his 28 dates he had with various women he found on dating sites in 2013. Are you a dating blogger in London ? If so please get in contact with us. We would like to present your blog on our site.

In 2013 Willard was 33 years old and he was on a mission to go on 28 dates from 28 dating sites.
Check out his website:

He described the online dating World of 2013 in a funny and hilarious way. This was the time as Tinder just started. He subscribed to mainstream sites,jdate,okcupid,ashleymadison,mysinglefriend and to exotic sites likeseacaptaindate,theatlasphere,muddymatches,uniformdating,millionairematch and others.

All these sites still exist in 2018.

Read his posts and discoverer the dangers and joys of dating strangers. The Biter almost chopped his finger off. The girl with the knives luckily was not a serial killer. He met the animal hating lady who wanted to cook his pet hedgehog. He dated the lady with the dating spreadsheet who had a system to date. He faced the republican warrior princess and the lizard loving nerd. He met the cosplay otaku lady and the lady who tried to convert non-believers on dates and many more.

Willard also tested Tinder in 2013. Read his review:Tinder Review.

If you have a London dating blog and interesting stories to tell we would like to hear from you !

Willard Foxton is a tv producer and a tv developer. He worked for the BBC and wrote many articles for newspapers including the NewStatesman and the Daily Telegraph. For the documentary The Madoff Hustle (BBC) he travelled across the US to find out more about the Madoff scam. Willards father killed himself after two of Madoffs investment funds he invested into collapsed. He wrote for the Spectator an article about how a tv reality show almost brought down the government of Angola. Willard works those days forBlakeway productions a film company which produces films and series for all major UK and international broadcasters. He is on twitter @WillardFoxton.

Swillens, I. (18/09/2018 17:25). Call for all London dating Bloggers !.
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