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The tower bridge in London, United Kingdom.

The Knight And The Princess

The Knight And The Princess

Gloria and Marco both architects from Italy moved to London to start their career designing new buildings and the future. Only some months later, they died in the Grenfell Tower fire on the 14 June 2017.

Family and friends of Gloria and Marco immortalized their story in a children's book. Roberta Gattel, Marco's friend created the colourful illustrations for the book.

See the video about the book filmed by the BBC: BBC video about the book
Video Journalists: Sofia Bettiza and Mohamed Madi
Animations: Aoife McKenna

Marco's parents also createdThe Grenfell Gloria & Marco Love Foundation.

The foundation is operated within the Veneto region of Italy with the aim to promote and encourage further education amongst young people. The foundation will provide scholarships for the schools and study institutes which were frequented by Gloria and Marco. Specifically theses about building safety will be supported.

The copyright on the Grenfell Tower in London image is owned by Robin Sones.

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