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Disco Sour - Giuseppe Porcaro

Disco Sour - Giuseppe Porcaro

"A politician addicted to dating apps embarks on an existential odyssey to save democracy from being swiped away." (, 14/06/2018)

Giuseppe in conversation with Nathalie Tocci presented his new book Disco Sour on the 9th June 2018 in the OTHERWISE English Language book store in Rome.

DISCO SOUR has been awarded the second prize: "Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach: Spreading Knowledge about Europe" from the European Union.

"My name is Bastian Balthazar Bux. At that time, I was the executive director of The Federation®, the platform representing the decentralised and not-for-profit structures all over the old continent. After the civil war, the European Union™ was left as the only entity with a grip on the rule of law over continental Europe."

Giuseppe Porcaro describes in his new fiction Disco Sour the future of Europe and the World. The character of the book Bastian is on his way to attend the Third International Conference on Voting Devices to present a talk about his new project The League of Young Voters to help young voters to move towards a solid postwar democracy.

His counterpart Nathan Ziggy Zukowsky, the alleged illegitimate son of Roman Polanski is also invited to the same conference to present his new voting app Plebiscitum®. Plebiscitum® will allow anyone to express their opinions anytime and anywhere. Policy decisions will be submitted to citizens via the app. The results will constitute binding opinion, subject to the ratification of the Parliament. In a later phase voting devices will be implanted in each citizen and be connected to the app. At a last stage the voting algorithm will constantly calculate the political preferences of the population collected by sensors included on everything owned by each citizen.

Can Bastian prevent the collective suicide of the concept of human-led government ?

Giuseppe describes a chaotic world after riots set Europe on fire. A Europe after Brexit, a World after Sarah Palin became US president and the refugee camps in the Egyptian desert became overcrowded with refugees from Europe. Paris became the Parisian Anarchist Regional Independent State and ports are in control of private militias. The Volkswagen factory in Germany got closed after the US closed their borders for European cars.

This book is an eye opener and shows what can happen if populist parties take over the World.

Porcaro, Giuseppe: Disco Sour. London: Unbound, 2018.
ISBN: 978-1-91261-812-5

OTHERWISE - Via del Governo Vecchio 80, Rome:

Swillens, I. (14/06/2018 12:00). Disco Sour - Giuseppe Porcaro.
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