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White Label Dating Websites

White Label Dating Websites

Have you wondered why some dating websites look very similar ? The logo on the left at the top, the same search box in the middle. The logout button at the same position on the top right. The search filter gives you all the options the other dating websites filter gives you as well. You might even find the exact same person on website A and on website B having the exact same profile, the same picture, the same description.

There are companies around which are specified to generate just dating websites. They created a user pool over time and share now the user profiles on various dating websites. How does it work ? A dating service provider creates the technical environment to host multiple dating websites. A company which today decides to open a dating website can approach such a dating service provider. The new dating company provides the dating service provider with their logos, images and the text they want to place on their site.

The dating service provider then sets up the new site and the new site gets promoted either by the dating service provider or the new company does the marketing on their own. The dating service provider might even do the support for the users new website. The users of such dating websites usually agree when they register that their profile content is shared with the other websites. Have a closer look at your dating websites Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice. The dating company will explain to you that sharing your profile on other websites will increase the probability to find a partner. Does that make sense ? Depends. Imagine you subscribed to a dating website focused on a specific user group and then you suddenly discover users which do not have anything in common with the website you subscribed. Imagine you appear on marketing material promoting various other dating websites you never heard of. Some dating service companies use your photos and text to do just that. Read the Terms and Conditions of your dating website.

How does the new dating website makes their money ? The website provider sets up a maintenance contract with the dating service provider and tries then to bring in new users to their new website which are ultimately new users for all the other websites on the network. For every paid subscriber the money gets shared between the dating service provider and the new dating website.

607squaremiles does not use dating service providers. We do not share profiles. We have crafted our website on our own with the help of software which is available on the market. We are focused on multicultural London and hope to attract more users over time.

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