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I Got Married - Haifa Beseisso

I Got Married - Haifa Beseisso

Do you know Haifa Beseisso ? Haifa is a young life loving lady from Dubai, she says she is the bridge between the East and the West. She studied at the AUD, the American University in Dubai, Information and Communications Studies. She is a YouTuber, presenter, travel blogger and producer.

In her video "I Got Married" published 2 month ago on her youtube channel "Fly With Haifa" she questions the family and society pressures on young people to get married. Questions like "Are you engaged ?", "What's your marital status ?", "How old are you now ?", "When are you getting married ?" are questions young people hear when the people around them think it is time to get married. The answers of the family members are also given: "We have a handsome groom for you ! He is tall, blond and works at a bank ! I can't wait to see you in the white dress !".

Haifas answer is simple Welcome to the Wedding of Haifa & Life, Today, Tomorrow & Everyday, You are inivited !!! Join Me !

She is not against the idea of marriage. "It's about two people sharing and building a happy life together." She says: "I just don't like it when two people look at me with sympathy. As if I did something wrong for not being married yet. Marriage is an important matter ! It's being with someone for the rest of your life. So it shouldn't be based on timing only, but more on the person. And if you really want to be happy for us, be happy from now ... Where's this train of marriage that they always talk about ... I looked for it everywhere and couldn't find it. Get married when it feels right !"

Watch this wonderful created video "I Got Married" written by Haifa Beseisso, directed by Kimo Basha.I Got Married
Watch the reactions of her mum, her uncle, her aunties, her cousins, her neighbors and friends.Reactions: I Got Married

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