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Overview - 607 square miles dot London

Overview - 607 square miles dot London

We are an independent dating website for the cosmopolitan capital London, United Kingdom. We are not founded by venture capital. This website is operated by Ivo Swillens, a IT specialist who worked for various big companies in various European cities.

He lived himself 10 years in London and loved it. He worked until 2016 for the IT department of the University College London (UCL). From time to time he is in London. Today we want to give you an overview what you can expect on our site. The name of the website is derived from the physical size of the 33 local government districts of London. The main area we cover is 607 square miles. The Office for National Statistics estimated that around 8,308.833 people lived in London in 2016.

What do we offer, how do we work ?
We are a dating website for London, United Kingdom and everyone above 18 years old looking for a partner can subscribe. If you live close to London or are often in London you are also welcome to join our website. We are not focused on a specific age group. We hope to attract the open minded and the brightest from around the World living in London.
There is no subscription fee at the moment. The operational, development and maintenance costs running the website are covered fully by the founder. The website runs 100 % on renewable energy. The traffic to and from our website is encrypted. We do not sell the data of our subscribers.

We do not share our user base with other dating websites. Some dating companies access the same pool of profiles provided by numerous dating websites regardless of their user focus. We also do not publish your profile in marketing material just because you subscribed to our website. Other companies do that.

We are offering two ways to get in contact with your future partner. After you registered on our website you should upload at least the main profile picture and fill out the summary so people know what you are looking for. To attract more visitors we recommend to upload additional pictures and to add more information about yourself. Add interesting facts about your life. Specify where you are from and which languages you speak. Tell your future partner what you are doing in London and how you see your future.

The following are the profile attributes you can specify:

  • Summary - Describe who you are and what you are looking for.
  • Location - The location where you live: North London, Camden or just London.
  • Country - The country you were born.
  • Nationality - Your nationality.
  • Language - The languages you speak.
  • Job - Whatever you do for a living.
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Appearance
  • Food and Drink Preferences - If you are a sushi lover, add this information here.
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • London - Here you can say what you like or dislike about London.
  • Kids
  • Age Match - Specify here the preferred age of your future partner.
  • Partner Gender Match - Specify here the gender of your future partner.

We do not have a magical tool to present you the partner you should be with. The hard work you have to do yourself.

However we give you the tool to search through our database.

If you have spotted someone the last time when you did your search and you just remember roughly the name and the age use the Profile User Name Search. The user name search returns you also similar sounding names. If you are keen to find a profile containing a specific word then use the Profile Full Text Search. Logical operators are allowed. See the full text search section to see some examples. The Profile Detail Search is perhaps the tool you should start with. Here you have various attributes you can combine to do your search. If the search returns results the result list is created and displayed.

You can go through the results found from the start to the end. You can also pause, you can start your search on your laptop, then login into your mobile device and continue to go through the same result list found earlier. You can even open 2 different tabs and run a second search based on other attributes. You can also open 2 different browsers at the same time and run two different searches. The result lists are kept for some days, so you can also login the next day and continue.

The result list shows the main profile pictures of the users and a selection of the attributes the users provided. Here you see also the last login time which is a indication if the user still uses our website. In case you found someone interesting click Show Profile. This opens the profile in detail. The full profile contains the send message button. To get in contact send the person a message. All your messages are managed in the message box. The message box displays the messages you sent and the messages you received. You even see if your messages were delivered and opened.

The described classical way to search and to contact the person you are interested in is only one way to get in contact. Another good tool we give you is the Activities tool. Here you can define straight away the activity you want to do with someone. If you want to have a nice coffee together in your favourite coffee place in Camden, just create a activity. Specify the time and the location and post it. You can also change the created activity later in case you made a mistake. My Activities displays you the activities you want to do.

The search activities section brings up activities other people scheduled. In case you found an activity someone wants to do and you feel that you would like to meet this person and fancy to do this activity together click the profile and fire off a message. Hope to get an answer and enjoy your time together.

This was a short description what you can expect on our website.

Give us your feedback.

We are always interested to hear back from our users.
Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us as we endeavour to improve the services we offer.

Swillens, I. (06/04/2018 12:15). Overview - 607 square miles dot London.
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