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New feature: Activities

New feature: Activities

Today, we are introducing a new feature on our website called Activities. Activities gives you the ability to advertise the date you want to do. Go to Activities -> My Activities and specify the day, the time, the location and the activity.

The activity can be a walk on the Thames, having a coffee at your favourite coffee place or visiting the newest exhibition at the British Museum. The activities you set up can be changed later. If you prefer a different day or time just change the activity. You can also remove the entire activity if you wish. Past activities are deleted every day so you do not need to delete those yourself.

To search for activities others have scheduled go to Activities -> Search Activities. Specify the age, the location and the day and hit the Search Activities button. If you find a activity you are interested in, look at the profile and send the person a message.

Enjoy Activities !

Swillens, I. (17/03/2018 17:00). New feature: Activities.
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